Life In The Lothians

The Lothians is a region located in eastern Scotland that is made up of three shires, mainly the East, Mid and West Lothian. It’s the home of Scotland’s capital city, Edinburgh. This place is rich in history and culture. Mix it up with great scenery and food, and that’s what makes the Lothians a one of a kind vacation spot on its own. Many tourists around the world visit the Lothians every year. So what can you do when traveling in the Lothians? Let’s find out.

Witness The Natural Beauty

Portobello's Beach

Portobello’s Beach

You should visit Portobello’s beach, just minutes away from Edinburgh. Golden sand and crystal clear waters, perfect place for those who want to take a dip and bathe in the Scottish sunshine. You can also visit the Polkemmet Country Park. You can play golf, see some displays or barbecue if you’re hungry from your road trip. Great place to bond with your friends and family.

See Its World Famous Castles

If you want some history lessons, this tour definitely suits you. We all know that Scotland is full of majestic and historical castles. You can travel back to the dark ages and go medieval once again by touring to these castles:

  • Borthwick Castle – Borthwick
  • Craigmillar Castle – Edinburgh
  • Merchiston Castle – Edinburgh
  • Fenton Tower – East Lothian
  • Tantallon Castle – East Lothian
  • Dirleton Castle – East Lothian
  • Winton House – Pencaitland

Eat and Drink the Scottish Way



Our trip to the Lothians is not complete without tasting traditional Scottish foods and drinks! Of course, we should try haggis, the nation’s national dish. Here are other famous dishes that Scotland offers:

  • Dundee Cake
  • Dunlop Cheese
  • Smoked Salmon
  • Scottish Porridge
  • Scottish Tablet
  • Rumbledethumps

Then there’s whiskey. Scottish whiskey is world renown and about 40 bottles per second is being shipped outside Scotland everyday. But there are also other tasty beverages that you can try in Scotland. There’s Irn Bru, a carbonated softdrink described as “Scotland’s Other National Drink”. Then there’s the Scottish fruit juices, healthy and tasty at the same time. They a packed with vitamins and nutrients, it also detoxifies our bodies. There are awesome benefits in drinking fresh fruit juice so you should start juicing today.

I hope you enjoyed our quick tour in the Lothians. Awesome place to chill and relax with your friends and loved ones. See you around!

How to Make Your Travel to Lothian More Memorable

What’s in this region that you need to unravel?  If you plan to visit this place which nestled in the Scottish lowlands, then you are just doing the right thing.  The busy moments of the day, the enormous workloads of the year, and all the struggles of daily living make you seize every opportunity that can make you happy and contented. Traveling to Lothian can make you gain awesome experiences if you really plan for it seriously.  Read the tips below and who knows they can help you in your journey. Broaden your horizon and step out from your usual routine.  Travel and elevate your thoughts.

Research about the Place in Advance

Exploring Lothian can be such an amazing experience if you plan for your travel seriously. Take advantage of enjoying the best attractions especially if it’s going to be your first time. Make a simple research through credible sites on the internet about Lothian. This could mean new experiences and new stories. Through research, you can understand better the culture and learn the history and background of the place. It’s important because you can get along well with people living there if you know their national identity.

Consider the Best Attractions of the Place

There are plenty of things you can do in your visit to a certain place if you are organized well enough. It means that you should have listed beforehand the best places or attractions that you plan to visit. Some travelers would choose places that also cater their best interests. For example,  if your greatest hobby is bread making, you can as well visit the best cafes or bread stores in Lothian.  For sure they have something to offer for their guests and tourists like you. Don’t miss the best cafes in Lothian.

visit the best cafes

Now, speaking of making bread, although there are helpful tips that can motivate you to make your healthy bread creations very well, it’s good to find inspiration from the outside world. One of which is through traveling.  It’s the best way to gain experiences and to learn new things.

Book for Hotel Accommodations

Look for perfect hotel accommodations to make your more comfortable.  Remember that one of your gratifying purposes, why you travel, is to take time out from your daily tasks and responsibilities. Therefore, you have to extend a little effort to make your stay in Lothian cozy and comfortable.  Booking in advance will make you more relaxed and you have ample time to choose among the best choices, hence, you can have peace of mind. For a more reasonable choice, you can actually seek for a good accommodation booking advice online.

Travelling is not just for luxury. It is definitely a means of relaxation that could have a big impact on your overall health. As busy bees in the universal hive, we need to take time out from our everyday pressures at least once a year. Don’t punish yourself.  Plan a tour and meet the world!

All About Lothian

Here are some facts about Lothian, Scotland that you probably don’t want to miss:

  • It is said that the name “Lothian” came from King Lot, Arthurian legend’s Lothian king.
  • East Lothian’s Yester Castle is also called the “Goblin’s Home.”
  • Midlothian is home to 7 castles.
  • West Lothian, on the other hand, is home to Linlithgow Palace – the place where Mary, Queen of Scots, was born.
  • Bo’ness & Kinneil Railway is the largest railway museum in Scotland.

Awesome, right?

Now, here are the top places to visit in Lothian region:

tantallon castle

  • Tantallon Castle in East Lothian. Located at North Berwick EH39 5PN, it is best known for its 5-storey tower and picturesque view of surrounding cliffs and coastlines.
  • National Museum of Flight in East Lothian. A perfect place for those who are looking to learn more about flying planes and other aviation activities, and home to Concorde and Boeing 707.
  • Bass Rock in East Lothian. A volcanic rock island with a highest point of 107 metres, it is also home to a large group of seabirds called gannets.
  • Prestongrange Museum in East Lothian. All things industrial in here, you can find it here along with their respective histories and early relics – including pottery, glass works, and brick works.
  • Linlithgow Palace in West Lothian. Located at Kirkgate, Linlithgow EH49 7AL, this place is where Mary, Queen of Scots was born.
  • Five Sisters Zoo in West Lothian. A great place for kids to explore in, the Five Sisters Zoo is deemed the most visited attraction in the area.
  • Cairnpapple Hill in West Lothian. A historical site that has been found to be used and re-used again and again as a ritual ground. Its highest point is at 312 metres.
  • Beecraigs. A 370-hectare land with a range of outdoor activities such as camping and hiking, it also features rarely seen red deer herd, Highland cattle fold, and belted Galloway Cattle.

Click here for more places to visit in Lothian region!

Bonus: All the places mentioned above are well-preserved and taken care of. Thus, there’s absolutely no way for us to cut down any trees – even if we have the best saw out there or already had a chainsaw comparison for our tree cutting needs.

Don’t Let Traveling Around Wear You Down


Frequent traveling has its share of challenges. Fatigue, lack of sleep, poor diet, and stress are just some of the things that seasoned travelers face. While a growing number of travelers are becoming more health conscious, many are still struggling with the physical and mental toll that being constantly on the road entails.

Poor health makes you vulnerable to a wide array of illnesses. But it could make you even more susceptible when you do a lot of traveling for your work. Your inability to maintain a healthy diet, regular exercise, and good sleep not only affects your vitality. It could also lower your resistance to infections. Staying healthy helps you overcome health risks including airborne and directly transmitted infections. Here’s how you can take good care of your health when traveling.

Build lasting habits. There is no short-cut on your way to better health. If you want to get back in shape, you have to focus on the long-term. Re-examine your lifestyle to figure out what changes you will have to make to become healthier. If travel is a major part of your job, you have to build habits and routines that would hold even while you are frequently on the road.

Make time for stress relief. It is natural to experience stress from time to time. Good stress can even be beneficial for you. But bad stress has to be managed effectively if you want to enjoy good health. Traveling can elevate your stress levels. Long airport check-in lines, delayed flights, the rush to catch connecting flights, jet lag, and busy schedules can make business trips more stressful. If left unmanaged, stress can result to poor sleep and unhealthy eating. It can also drain your energy, which could tempt you to give up exercise. To avoid or relieve stress, you need to keep doing the things that you tend to give up when you are stressed out. You should get enough exercise, sleep, and proper nutrition to maintain good health.

Build routines around your health goals. Traveling becomes routine if you do it often enough. But there are still unexpected things that could happen that could disrupt whatever travel routine you have developed. You have to learn how to adapt quickly and customize your activities to make healthy habits sticks. Anticipate obstacles that could tempt you to slack off while on the road. Prepare countermeasures that you can use to ensure that you do not have to sacrifice your healthy routines given sudden changes in your travel itineraries.