Best Espresso Machine Tips for the Coffee Enthusiast

Maximize the power of your espresso machine by following these six tips!

Tip #1: Read the manual


Don’t go thinking every machine is the same. It’s not. An espresso machine can have different requirements, which is why you have to spend enough time to learn how to use it the right way. You should also refer to the manual for maintenance procedures. After all, you’d want that machine to last long.

Tip #2: Use freshly roasted coffee

If you want to have quality coffee, then begin by using a tasty, freshly roasted coffee. It’s the best way to get a hold of an excellent coffee.

Tip #3: Have the correct grind

Gaggia-Brera-59100-1Remember that it’s crucial to have the proper grind for electric espresso machines. The coffee should have the texture that resembles sand when rubbed between your fingers. If it’s too fine, you’ll have an extraction of bitter coffee that drips slowly into the cup. If it’s too rough, you’ll have a quick extraction that signifies a weak brew.

Tip #4: Preheat the portafilter

Ensure that you preheat your portafilter first to prevent it from cooling down the extraction when you’re pulling a shot. You could run hot water through it before loading it. If it has hot water channels, then use those to keep it hot. This is the reason why a lot of baristas pull an empty shot first before they load the portafilter with coffee.

Tip #5: Keep the machine clean

You must always clean the group and the portafilter. You should also remove the screen and clean it manually once in a while. Check if the screen needs replacement too, especially if you use your espresso machine frequently. The same goes for the group gasket as well.

Tip #6: Use a super automatic espresso machine


If you’re a beginner, opt for a super automatic espresso machine. It’s safer and more comfortable to use so that you can have a more relaxed brewing time. Here’s my all-time favorite super automatic espresso machine.

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