Working Anywhere with a Moveable Bicycle Shop Workbench

Traveling around the Lothians as a handyman specializing in bike repair? Then you need to build your own workbench. A bicycle shop workbench isn’t like any other bike, it’s a moveable, free-standing one that’ll require more materials to allow it to stand firm against horizontal movement.

moveable_workbenchwtmkIf you’re a handyman, you’ll need more leg braces and L-brackets to build this type of workbench. Those braces and brackets are needed to keep your workbench solid against the forces that may be applied against it.

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This is an excellent addition to your tools as a handyman because that would mean you can work anywhere. You can bring your workstation to any place and work like the dedicated handyman that you are.

This style of the workbench is best for small operations which need you to periodically relocate your work surface. It’s also advantageous for those handymen who don’t have a permanent place to attach their workbench.

A moveable workbench opens more tasks for you as a handyman, because if your neighborhood learns that you can work anywhere, you’ll most likely be their first option for a handyman job that requires traveling. Of course, not only will you be able to work anywhere in the Lothians, you’ll also enjoy the journey.


A bicycle shop workbench you can take anywhere will be easy to maintain too, unlike the one in the picture above. Most of them are small and light, meaning you won’t have an issue taking them anywhere. You’ll have more customers inquiring for your services as well once they see you ride your bike with a workbench behind you. Seriously, it’s free advertising for you.

Portable bike workbenches can be easily moved wherever they’re needed, and that’s the biggest advantage there is.

If you’re a lover of bicycles and you love your job as a handyman who takes care of bikes and other stuff that needs fixing, then you must own this type of workbench. It’s not difficult to build once you know how to start and if you have determination.


Owning one will take you to different places and will definitely make people remember you. Building a bike workbench is also cost-effective. You’ll be surprised by how much you need to spend (less than $100 to be honest). This is a cheap and way better alternative than a store-bought bicycle repair station which costs more than a hundred bucks.

So, what do you say? If you want to work anywhere and bring your services to more people, then I say you get your wood router now and start building your own bicycle workbench. Not only will you impress your customers, you’ll also be able to impress yourself.

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